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Best Car Maintenance Apps You Should Try For Those Yearly Maintenance Reminders

All car owners know that proper vehicle maintenance is needed if you want your car to remain in good running condition for a long time. However, with work, family and a host of other daily activities that we do every single day, several car owners forget to perform regular checks, change the engine oil or have the car serviced.

You can probably keep track by keeping receipts of maintenance done on your car but going through each one can be tedious work. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, you can now easily keep track of car maintenance using different apps available in the market.
Here are some of our recommendations:

1. aCar (Android) – FREE
This is one of the most popular car maintenance apps available for Android users. Tracking fill-ups, fuel mileage, services, trips, and expenses are very easy. The app supports a variety of vehicles, and you can also enter information about specific vehicle parts. It notifies you when you need to have work done on your car based on time and/or mileage, or you can create custom notifications. If you want quick access to data and logging, aCar Pro provides home screen widgets and connections to other popular car apps and websites for only $6.

2. Car Minder Plus (iOS) – $2.99
One of the most popular car maintenance apps for iPhone users. It also helps you manage repairs, fuel mileage, and services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and other car maintenance tasks. This is a user-friendly app that allows you to manage multiple cars.

3. AutoCare (iOS and Android) – $4 for iOS and $2 for Android
AutoCare helps you manage your car’s maintenance schedule and service records. It also helps track your gas mileage. It can provide a report on your vehicle stats, gas prices, gas expenses and service expenses. It supports multiple vehicles.

4. CarPros (Android) – FREECover art
This app helps you track your gas consumption and helps you track and schedule car service and maintenance. It helps you track how much oil your vehicle consumes as it ages. It can also track how fast your tires lose air and how often you have to change your time belts and transmission oil. It can monitor your vehicle’s RPM, speed, MAF, IAT, AFR, coolant temperature, ignition timing, etc. through an OBD adapter. It can display analyzed information.

5. myCARFAX (iOS and Android) – FREECover art
This app automatically displays signals and service history when it’s time for your vehicle’s maintenance activities. It can track maintenance and history service of up to five vehicles. You can also set it up to get alerts for service coupons and safety recalls on your car.

These apps are handy for the newbie as well as the veteran driver. They make it a lot easier for you to remember what service has already been done on your vehicle and what you need to have auto experts do next.

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