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Keeping Your Coolant System Healthy

With so many different words and phrases to keep track of, car lingo can sound like science fiction to car owners who are not familiar with the ins and outs of engines. Never fear, here at Dallas European Auto, we believe that information is the best medicine for unexpected problems and expensive repairs. This month, we want to talk to you about coolant and how important it is to keep your coolant system healthy.

What is a Coolant System?

As your engine runs, the rapid movement of pistons and belts causes a lot of friction. That friction produces heat. While engine oil and ball-bearings help to reduce the amount of heat caused by friction, your coolant system is designed to keep your vehicle running efficiently even on the longest of road trips. As heat builds up, your coolant system deals effectively with high temperatures.

A healthy engine works best at an optimal heat, not too cold or too hot. Just like your air conditioning on a hot summer day, the car’s coolant system works hard to keep the temperature in check. This helps prevent engine parts from wearing out too quickly, which can result in an inconvenient breakdown that warrants serious repairs.

Why is it Important to Keep the Coolant System Healthy?

If you allow your coolant system to fall into disrepair, you risk it failing and causing problems ranging from an inconvenient breakdown to a potentially devastating meltdown.

The system itself is comprised of many parts that can wear out independently of each other and need to be checked and replaced. These parts may include:

  • The fan
  • Radiator
  • Hoses and pumps
  • Caps
  • Thermostat
  • The reserve tank

At Dallas European Auto, we are proud to offer our highly trained, expert technicians to help you identify and solve all your vehicle’s cooling related problems. Come visit us in Plano, TX, to see what we can do to keep your car running cool. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.