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Advantages of Regularly Getting Your Car Washed

Car Maintenance in Plano, TXEveryone likes the look of a sleek, shiny clean car, right? Which is why keeping up with regular cash washes is important. But it goes beyond just aesthetics, a regular professional car wash can help preserve the exterior of your car and keep it from deteriorating over time. Plus, it can help to protect the resale value of your car. Car experts everywhere recommend a detailed car wash with a professional service like Dallas European Auto Repair regularly to help your car spotless inside and out!

Ideally, for clients who use their car often and are required to park on the street or park in uncovered areas for extended periods of time, we recommend a weekly car wash and vacuuming. We understand that this may not be a feasible or even necessary option for everyone, however. For people who use their car minimally or can park in a covered area will be just fine with a bimonthly or even monthly cleaning service. Car experts recommend regular professional car cleaning services because they are time saving, more environmentally friendly, and overall more concise than at-home car washes. Even with the most professional soaps and sponges, you can almost never mimic a professional wash at home.

Keep Your Car In Pristine Condition

It is not hard for cleaning the car to end up low on your list of priorities, especially when you have a busy schedule to attend to! Garbage seems to effortlessly pile up on your floor and between your seats, while dirt and dust from outside settle on your paint and leaves a grimy coating. All of this can be more than just an eyesore, but it can also be potentially detrimental to your car’s overall lifespan. Letting dirt accumulate inside and outside your car can lower the overall value of your car, which can affect how much you would receive if you wanted to resell the vehicle. It can also damage the paint job, the interior material, and contribute to the overall wear and tear of the car. This can all be doubled if you own two or more cars. Washing them at home can also lead to the run-off of soap, grime, debris, and other unhealthy materials into water systems and often requires an excessive amount of water. Plus, all those cleaning materials can cost a fortune and might not even give you a sparkling finish. At Dallas European Auto, you can trust the professionals with over 40 years of service to take care of your car. We put care and attention into every single vehicle we maintain to ensure a superb finish that can help to keep your car beautiful for years to come.