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Top Tires on The Market

Car Tires in Plano, TXTires are easily one of the most important elements of a vehicle. After all, what’s a car without wheels? In addition to being a vital part of the overall safety of your car, they can also dictate the way it drives on certain terrain. Despite this, however, clients are still overlooking their importance when it comes to tire shopping. In many cases, finding a good pair that fits your budget can be tough. Below is a list of some of the best tire model available on the market. This can help you make an informed decision on which set of tires is best for you. Always remember if your car needs maintenance, the experts at Dallas European Auto have over 40 years of experience with cars of all makes and models.

Michelin Defender

Good For: All Season

These common tires are an excellent solution for a driver who drives a moderate amount and wants to purchase a durable set of tires that will be suitable for all temperatures. In some cases, you can expect a tread life of up to 90,000 miles. This selection offers secure handling, a quiet ride, and is a great choice for older vehicles.

Michelin X-Ice XI3

Good For: Winter/Snow

If you find yourself doing heavy driving in perilous conditions like sleet, snow, or hail, a set of sturdy winter tires will help ensure your safety on the road. These tires are the ideal choice for those harsh winter months, as they have deep treads that are specially designed to offer traction in the snow and ice while maintaining a smooth ride for the driver.

Pirelli P Zero

Good For: Summer Use

These wheels are ultra-high-performance tires with a speed rating of over 149 mph! They are available in a number of sizes so they can fit on just about any sports model coupe or sedan. These tires are intended to offer the ultimate in wet and dry handling but be advised they are not recommended for short weather. These tires are perfect for the individual who does a constant amount of driving and wants the ultimate performance tool for those summer months.

Continental PureContact

Good For: All-Season

For drivers who wants a tire suitable for every season but with a heavier emphasis on high-performance handling, the Continental PureContact is a great choice. These have a slightly high-speed rating than standard tires, and they boast remarkable dry and wet braking, hydroplaning resistance, braking, and tread life.

Michelin LTX M/S2

Good For: Trucks, All-Season

This option is specially designed to suitable the heavy hauls that a pickup truck or SUV can pull. In addition, they are created to remain durable no matter the weather, as the four-season grip in the treads can stand up to snow as well as dry condition. Plus, a smooth and quiet ride can be expected alongside long lasting tread life.