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Why is Bentley Maintenance So Expensive?

People ask all the time, “Why is Bentley maintenance so expensive?” While many Bentley drivers feel like celebrities and sports stars when they are behind the wheel, they can’t help but feel shocked by the inflated prices of a simple oil change or other maintenance tasks.

In some cases, maintenance costs can be double or triple the cost of standard U.S. vehicles.

The simple answer is that a Bentley — much like a Mercedes-Benz or BMW — is one of the more prestigious and sought-after German-made vehicles on the road today. It was put together with the finest workmanship and best parts on the market. So it stands to reason that maintaining it for miles down the road will come with a higher price tag.

Below are three reasons why your Bentley maintenance is so expensive?

1. You aren’t doing scheduled maintenance — Bentleys should go in for scheduled maintenance every 10,000 miles. If you forget, put it off, try to do some of the work on your own, or have a technician work on it who is not used to such a sophisticated machine, things can get missed or not fixed correctly. This can lead to even bigger problems down the road.

2. Specialized oil — An oil change for a Bentley can run as much as $500. This is because they require more engine oil and motor oil. Fuel tanks for German-engineered vehicles are larger than those made in the U.S. In some cases, you could need twice the oil for a standard vehicle.

3. Advanced technology — Genuine parts cost more and occasionally need to be special-ordered to keep your Bentley working correctly. Also, there are also fewer reputable technicians who work on these vehicles every day, leading to higher repair, service, and maintenance costs.

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It is critical that you only have these Bentley maintenance services completed by a trained and certified Bentley dealer or repair facility. Doing so guarantees your vehicle will be in the best hands possible while also having access to genuine Bentley parts.

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