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Why is BMW Maintenance So Expensive?

A common sentiment among BMW owners and enthusiasts is that their prized vehicle is very expensive to maintain. This is not an unfounded thought. BMW maintenance is hands down more expensive than any other vehicle on the market. But why? Why must an oil change or any other maintenance or service request feel like it’s going to break the bank?

Just like any vehicle, your BMW needs routine service. It is also built to last. But this is a high-performance vehicle, and with that comes carefully-engineered parts and equipment specific to the BMW brand.

Below are four reasons why your BMW maintenance is so expensive:

1. Complex components and technology — BMW increasingly relies on more complex components, computers, proprietary parts, electronic sensors, and state-of-the-art technology. Simply put, they have more bells and whistles, and they all work together to give you the best ride on the road today. All of these factors drive up the cost of what many customers think are simple maintenance requests.

2. Specialized oil, and more of it — Fuel tanks for German-engineered vehicles are larger than those made in the U.S. In some cases, you could need twice the oil for a standard vehicle. On top of that, not any motor oil or engine oil will do. Your technician must use oil specifically designed for your BMW.

3. More frequent maintenance requirements — BMW maintenance should be scheduled every 7,000-10,000 miles and includes everything from oil service and tire alignment to brake checks, battery replacement, air filters, and more.

4. Exclusivity — It’s difficult to find companies who sell genuine BMW parts or provide service for these specialty brands. Ensuring you always have a competent technician who works on luxury vehicles such as BMWs is also critically important. When you bought your BMW, you joined an elite group of drivers, and with that comes exclusivity.

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