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Why is Mercedes-Benz Maintenance So Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why your Mercedes-Benz maintenance is so expensive? It’s an honest question for our customers to ask, especially if you’ve experienced with past vehicles that service such as a simple oil change is relatively easy to pay for and typically doesn’t break the bank.

Meanwhile, what you think is the same service for your new Mercedes-Benz is double or triple the cost.

Just like any vehicle, your Mercedes-Benz needs routine service. But what you bought is no ordinary vehicle. It is one of the finest and most sophisticated automobiles globally, and with that comes carefully-engineered parts and equipment specific to the Mercedes-Benz brand and require an experienced technician to ensure they always work correctly.

Below are three reasons why your Mercedes-Benz maintenance is so expensive:

1. Specialized oil, and more of it — Fuel tanks for German-engineered vehicles are larger than those made in the U.S. In some cases, you could need twice the oil for a standard vehicle. On top of that, not any motor oil or engine oil will do. Your technician must use oil specifically designed for your Mercedes-Benz.

2. Additional procedures — In a Mercedes-Benz, oil is vacuumed or sucked out of the engine, requiring special equipment. Also, Mercedes-Benz maintenance should be scheduled every 10,000 miles and includes everything from oil service and tire alignment to fluid checks, brake component inspections, checking hoses and belts, battery replacement, replacing air filters, and more.

3. The most advanced technology — Mercedes-Benz has always been a trendsetter when it comes to technology. Parts cost more and occasionally need to be special-ordered to keep your vehicle working correctly. There are also fewer reputable technicians who work on these vehicles every day, leading to higher repair, service, and maintenance costs.

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You could try doing maintenance on your own, but why risk it? The cost of Mercedes-Benz maintenance may seem like a burden now, but it beats the outrageous costs of major repairs or replacements down the road.

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