Alignment Repair in Plano, TX

Have you ever felt your car pull to one side while you’re driving down the road? Dallas European Auto, based in Plano, Texas, is proud to offer the most expert and affordable alignment repair service in the area.

Although it likely won’t happen except about once every 30,000 miles, the primary cause of misalignment is impact related; in other words, the more potholes and other bumps you hit, the more stress and strain is applied to suspension parts, ultimately wearing them down.

As a result, your suspension is no longer performing optimally, causing your vehicle to begin pulling to one side or another. Alignment issues can also cause your vehicle to steer poorly, get worse gas mileage, and have excessive wear on tire treads.

Fortunately, Dallas European Auto has some of the most-sophisticated auto alignment equipment in the Dallas metro region, which means when your alignment is out of sync; you can count on us to make it right. And best of all, once we’ve completed your vehicle’s alignment (in about an hour); we can help you with additional repair services such as the following:

When your automobile’s out of alignment, it can throw your life out of alignment too. After all, who wants increased wear on their tires, poor handling, or an uncomfortable ride? Certainly not you. That’s why you should contact the experts at Dallas European Auto today to schedule an appointment!