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Mazda Repair & Service in Plano, TX

Based out of Plano, TX, Dallas European Auto is proud to service the Mazda brand, with its commitment to quality and alternative engine designs.

Originally founded in 1920, Mazda has grown to become the fifteenth largest auto manufacturer in the world by volume.

Among auto manufacturers, Mazda is widely known for its focus on alternative engine designs, including the Miller cycle engine and Wankel engine.

More recently, Mazda has implemented its SkyActiv technology in many of its vehicles. It encompasses high compression ratio gasoline engines and reduced compression diesel engines which increase fuel economy, an attractive feature as fuel prices continue to rise.

Regardless of how the age of your Mazda or what engine type it uses, you want to keep it running optimally for as long as possible, which is why Dallas European Auto features popular services such as the following:

Don’t let your Mazda fall into disrepair. Instead, contact the most affordable experts in the area at Dallas European Auto to schedule an appointment today!


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