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Ford Repair & Service in Plano, TX

Based out of Plano, TX, Dallas European Auto is proud to service the Ford brand, one of the original American automobile manufacturers.

The Ford Motor Company has been in business since 1903, at which time it began using an assembly line to manufacture the Model T, which is widely known as a precursor to today’s modern automobiles.

During its more than 110 years in business, Ford has produced a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to trucks and SUVs, as well as luxury automobiles branded under the Lincoln name. After undergoing recent restructuring, the company has once again returned to the point of profitability and of offering high-quality vehicles.

The many benefits of regular maintenance include extended vehicle life, higher performance and increased trade-in value.

Whatever model of Ford you own and whatever problems you may be experiencing with it, Dallas European Auto has the skill to get you back on track through a wide range of professional services such as the following:

How can Dallas European Auto help you and your Ford? If you’re looking for efficient, hassle-free maintenance and repairs, contact the most-affordable experts in the area today for an appointment!


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