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What Makes the BMW Brand Unique?

BMW, Dallas European Auto, Plano, TXIs it solely because of the cars they make, or is it the company as a whole?  Is it due to its design, tradition, quality, reliability or the brand’s philosophy that attracts you? It can be anything and everything from the interior smell to the driver’s position to the colors offered and even the cup holders!

If you ask 10 different people what makes the BMW brand unique, you’re sure to get 10 different answers. For some it’s the driving “feel” that BMW engineers into their cars, while for others it’s the numbers and figures, such as horsepower, 0 to 60 speed, torque or MPG that might seal the deal for them. BMW serves purely as a status symbol for some, while for others it’s a belief in the mantra “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and philosophy of high revving engines.

With that in mind, some are not only attracted to the BMW brand just because they produce great cars, but also because of their way of doing things. Some appreciate the fact that BMW is constantly trying to push the envelope further with the latest and greatest that the mechanical and technological fields have to offer. Case in point, the idea that a company should stick to tradition and ignore any possible opportunities for improvement does not really fit BMW’s bill. The switch from naturally aspirated engines to turbocharged and electrically assisted steering are just a few to name.

Magic is in the DetailsBMW Design, Dallas European Auto, Plano, TX

Ultimately, what makes the BMW brand unique and stand out from the competition is the totality of many little things. BMW does not just consider the attention given to producing an outstanding service or product—they also think about how the sales force and support team treats its customers and how the receptionist answers the phone in a BMW dealership whether in Munich, Germany or Miami, Florida. The message is the same, “we’re the best.”

The subtlety of BMW makes its brand both brilliant and unique.  Have you ever noticed the “thump” sound of when BMW’s door closes? When you are in the BMW showroom, and you step into, say, a 5 Series model, the satisfyingly clean “thump” sound that the door makes as you shut it signifies quality. There’s no rattling, no sound of sheet metal being slammed, just that confidence-inspiring, compact sound. It’s the sound of outside noise and discomfort being sealed off while you enter a safe, comfortable place. Behind the steering wheel are carefully wrought details, too: the smell, the way the seat feels, the feel of your hands on the steering wheel, the way the dashboard buttons have a certain resistance, and so on.

BMW is masterful with the smallest of details, which lead to the over-arching beauty of the brand as a whole. This among other things makes BMW unique and will continue to do so well into the future.