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Auto Repair in McKinney, TX

Dallas European auto, servicing the residents of Frisco, TX, is proud to be able to provide quality and affordable transmission repair services in the region.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Transmission?

The transmission plays a central role in the proper functioning of a vehicle. Its primary job is to change the gears in the engine. While this description seems simple, it is only able to function because there are hundreds of small components working together to move the vehicle. Proper maintenance, along with periodic changing of transmission fluid, guarantees that the gears and moving parts remain clean, run smoothly, and do not break.

Most Common Transmission Problems

• Lack of response
• Whining and humming
• Leaking fluid or low fluid
• Grinding or shaking
• A burning smell
• Failure to go into gear
• Slipping gears
• Noisy in neutral
• Dragging clutch

What Is the Difference Between a Transmission Flush & a Transmission Change?

A transmission fluid change is primarily performed to remove dirty fluid from the transmission pan and replace it with new, clean fluid. During a fluid change, not all of the fluid is removed from the transmission system. In fact, more than 50 percent of the old fluid may still remain.

A transmission flush flushes all of the old fluid via a cooler line flush machine. Once all of the fluid has been removed, new fluid is injected into the system. It is recommended that a transmission flush be done every 45,000 miles or every three years.

Why Choose Dallas European Auto for Your Transmission Repair?

At Dallas European Auto, our trained professionals can provide quality transmission maintenance and repair. We understand how valuable your transmission is, and, for this reason, we are dedicated to seeing to it that it functions at its maximum efficiency. We will never overcharge, we will never recommend repairs that do not need to be done, and we will always do our work using the latest technology while following all safety guidelines.

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