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Auto Repair in Park Cities, TX

Dallas European Auto serves McKinney, TX and is proud to offer expert and affordable transmission repair services to residents in the area. 


Why Is it Important to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Transmission?

A car’s transmission is an essential component of driving your vehicle safely in McKinney, TX, because it’s what changes your gears and moves your vehicle. It’s important to maintain your transmission or to get transmission repair if you’re experiencing an issue so that it can once again run smoothly.

Most Common Transmission Problems

• Leaking Transmission Fluid: Fluid leaks are extremely common and can cause slipping or slow shifting. Leaks generally occur within the transmission system and are often caused by loose gasket seals.
• Problems with the Torque Converter: The torque converter can degrade over time, causing grinding in most gears due to worn bearings.
• Problems with the Solenoid: This part is responsible for circulating transmission fluid. Problems with the solenoid are usually caused by low transmission fluid and have similar results as those with leaking fluids.

What Is the Difference Between a Transmission Flush & a Transmission Change?

A transmission flush is more extensive than a transmission change. In this process, all of the old transmission fluid is removed from the system and replaced with new fluid. A filter change is performed at the same time.

A transmission fluid change replaces part, but not all, of the transmission fluid, with as much as half of the old fluid remaining in the vehicle. The pan is drained, new transmission fluid is added to it, and a new filter is installed.

Why Choose Dallas European Auto for Transmission Repair?

If you’re looking for transmission repairs in McKinney, TX, we’re the right choice. Dallas European Auto offers affordable and dependable service for all the top vehicle brands, and our skilled team will get your transmission back in gear.

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